Manage and keep up to date with real-time satellite vehicle and vehicle tracking!

The FleetManager app is backed by years of experience, quality and innovative real-time satellite vehicle and fleet tracking solutions.
In addition, it provides automation of outdated processes and increased productivity of the entire team.

Increase efficiency

Create routes, zones and points of interest in the desired shape and dimensions based on truck size, cargo, driver experience for better safety and compliance.

Increase security

Monitor your vehicles to avoid delays and incidents during vehicle operation. Raise the quality of service by controlling the status of the route in real time.

Reduce costs

Manage the total costs of your fleet with the help of an electronic service book that provides access to all data on vehicle costs and maintenance in one place.

Reduce CO2

Environmental sustainability implies the effective development of strategies for monitoring vehicle movement using GPS systems in order to prevent and reduce harmful gases.

About FleetManager

FleetManager is a system solution for tracking vehicles and fleets.

The application provides connectivity for all types of vehicles regardless of model, type, and purpose. Your application team can access from multiple devices simultaneously (phone, tablet, or computer) at any time and anywhere in the world.

It combines the best knowledge, practices and experiences, which are possessed by managers of transport companies, vehicle dealers, service technicians and operators.

It frees you from everything unnecessary and allows you to flexibly coordinate and control the correctness of all vehicles you have in the fleet, as well as easier communication between the team.

Control of accurate reports and charts, ensures that everything goes without misunderstandings and costly mistakes.

fleetmanager aplikacija za gps praćenje
The working organization of the vehicle fleet is productive if it goes through several key phases:


The phase of assessing the condition of work equipment, as well as assessing their criticality. The team also decides on monitoring activities to identify deviations.


Based on the previous steps, it is necessary to set the equipment and means for work to a level that satisfies the management requirements.


Solving the problem of losses refers to the availability of vehicle tracking systems, complete analytics and continuity.


Your team must be motivated to deal with losses that prevent them from reaching world-class levels.


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