About us

FleetManager is a GPS tracking application for IT company Pure Green, which develops software solutions for reliable and accurate real-time tracking of vehicles and fleets, both their individual and group parts.

PureGreen has been named the Top Partner in Serbia by Teltonika Iot Group and is licensed to install, commission, maintain technical protection systems and train users to implement and integrate logistics and transport solutions for satellite (GPS) fleet tracking in real time.

PureGreen was founded in 2015, brings together a young and dedicated team of experts with the aim of changing your view of the digital world and providing the best possible user experience.

Support is provided by the team dealing with the improvement and development of the technical side of the FleetManager system, a service line in charge of communication and monitoring the implementation of the system in cooperation with clients, the team in charge of field inspections and logistical consultations, administration, and marketing.

Our vision

The vision that follows refers to the simplification of the logistics and transport management process and monitoring of large systems by domestic and international companies of all types of activities, as well as individuals.

Satisfied customers are the main priority, who with the support of FleetManager – application for GPS vehicle tracking achieve results and save time and resources. By constantly analyzing the reports received, they undertake activities that change the direction of task execution and thus reduce errors to a minimum and increase the efficiency and safety of the entire team.

fleetmanager aplikacija za gps praćenje


Installation at the user's location

Unlimited number of usernames on applications

Accurate reports

Detailed statistics

Warranty period for all installed equipment during the contract period

Customer Support 24/7/365

Response of the technical service within 72 hours


Join our rich portfolio of satisfied clients from over 200 domestic and international companies in all industries and activities.


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