GPS satellite tracking of vehicles is widely used in many activities without restrictions on use.
Pure Green enables the improvement of the work and control of the fleet with the help of management tools that are adapted to the needs of international and domestic transport of goods. Provides records of kilometers traveled (by days, weeks, months), fuel levels (consumption and refueling reports), border crossings, driving methods and delivery times based on entry into specified zones, etc.

Ensure greater focus for the key business of your business, and leave the rest to the FleetManager team!

Who is the FleetManager application for?

To all who want to improve and facilitate business regardless of the number of vehicles in the fleet. The advantage of the system for gps satellite vehicle tracking is in its simplicity and flexibility of adjusting functionality according to customer needs. That is why FleetManager has so far managed to meet the highest standards of both large and medium and small companies in the domestic and international market.

Start analyzing reports at work, and finish them from home or from any location. It’s so easy.
Do not let the administration and processes slow you down, but it will make it easier to design and organize business units according to regions or zones of action!

gps satelitsko pracenje vozila

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