About FleetManager

FleetManager vehicle and fleet tracking system is characterized by the use of OpenStreet maps and various GoogleMaps services. Within the map, you have the ability to mark desired points, such as important locations and objects.
In addition, you will find an easier way to view historical data, incidents (sudden acceleration, braking, deviation from the route), as well as to create SMS or email alarms at any time.

FleetManager hardware devices ensure transport safety, as they are characterized by great autonomy in terms of battery life and independence from the external power supply.

Transport companies, as well as companies with their own fleet, must strive to raise the quality of their fleet and reduce costs in order to create a better position of sustainability of transport services in the market.

How the FleetManager vehicle tracking system works

FleetManager monitors the reallocation of the vehicle using an installed GPS positioning device and additional sensors to monitor functionality.

The satellite signal locates the vehicle, records, and stores all data on the server, ie. the cloud system from the moment of installation.

The device installed in the vehicle works with a SIM card, ie. a network of mobile telephony operators (GPRS / GSM), which further sends data on the position, speed, and direction of movement of the vehicle to the central server.

Software solutions are available via computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet connection for all vehicles monitored in real-time or in the form of reports on vehicle movement in a given time interval.

sistem za praćenje vozila

What do you get with Fleet Maanger?

Praćenje i kontrola vozila je od presudnog značaja za svaku kompaniju koja ima vozni park.

Zero mistakes

Zero accidents

Zero malfunctions

Our operators take care of FleetManager devices and software setup as part of regular activities.
The application offers tracking of the use of vehicle operating time, ie. structure according to the activities performed by the vehicle in a certain period (driving time, breaks, daily breaks, parking, waiting time for service, delays, vehicle maintenance, time spent non-engaged in the parking lot), disturbances in delivery time, traffic jams, deviations due to vehicle or equipment failures, deviations due to lack of drivers, fuel consumption, specific fuel efficiency.
FleetManager application is supported by many years of experience, quality and innovative solutions in the field of satellite tracking of vehicles and fleet in real time.

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