GPS devices tracker and modems

Hardware modems are the most economical solution for reliable connection to vehicle tracking software systems. A large amount of outdated industrial IoT infrastructure around the world requires different methods of connection, and FleetManager uses the most modern and highest quality types of modems of the company Teltonika Networks which provide numerous opportunities and are specially designed to respond to all kinds of challenges in the IoT industry.

A small and professional FMB120 GPS device tracker with internal GSM and GNSS antennas with high gain is able to collect GPS coordinates of GPS devices and other useful data and transmit them via GSM network to the server.

This device is perfectly suitable for applications in which it is necessary to acquire the location of remote facilities: fleet management for the needs of various activities such as logistics companies, transporters, etc.

The FMB120 can perform tasks on remote objects such as monitoring, status collection, and various types of information.

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The LV-CAN 200 is designed to collect data from 1,500 different models of cars, trucks, and buses. Data access CAN Bus allows fleet operators to report on a wide range of information.

The LV-CAN 200 adapter allows you to read parameters such as fuel level, odometer, fuel consumption, rpm, engine temperature, etc.

Fuel gauge

The fuel gauge is an optimized digital sensor that provides more precise data on changes in the volume of fuel in the tanks at a given time, on the basis of which possible misuse and theft of fuel from the tank can be ascertained.

It needs to be connected to a GPS modem unit and thus allows you to view various reports such as average consumption, fuel consumption diagram, fuel input / output).

Fuel level data in the tank are displayed in real time and stored in a database for the purpose of creating various reports that allow control of fuel level movements in the past period. These are reports that register jumps and falls in fuel levels. The installation of meters also provides approximate data on fuel consumption and average consumption.

Driver identification

RFID cards are used as ancillary equipment for access control, monitoring of working hours, vehicle use and the like, on the basis of which drivers can be controlled and managed and work optimized through various reports.

Using an RFID card is quick and easy, by leaning on a reader that is installed in the desired position in the vehicle, it identifies the driver assigned to the RFID card within a few seconds.

Chips in RFID cards are almost impossible to clone or counterfeit, which gives them a high degree of protection and combined with visually verifiable security holograms that cannot be copied in any way, the security level of these RFID cards is ranked just below biometrics. finger, corneal scanner).

iButton Driver ID One of the solutions that provide the ability to use GPS devices to manage and optimize drivers using official vehicles is the iButton identifier and key that provides information about the person driving the vehicle. This is the simplest way to apply the driver’s license in your vehicles.

iButton offers the following solutions: Immobilizer – prevent anyone from starting the vehicle without first scanning iButton. Authorized Driving – keep records of who drives your vehicle according to the iButton ID they use to verify their identity.

Temperature sensor

The temperature probe is used to measure the temperature in chambers of different types. By connecting to a GPS modem unit, it allows the user to have an insight into the current temperature of the chamber in which the sensor is installed at all times.

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